Applicatons of kiosks


kiosk-obrazovanieIn universities and schools:

- Providing personal information about students

- Internet access

- Map of the unversity / school

- Information about Curriculum 

- Inquiries about the program and the offices of all teachers

- Print option


The availability of computer terminals provide constant information to students, which enchances learning, facilitate the work of administrative staff, maintains the image of school.



kiosk-molIn Malls and stores:

- Advertising promotions

- Information terminals, offering advice and recommendations for clients

- Interactive solutions for costumer retention

- List, map and location of shops


Increasing the variety of promotional and information resorces surely lead to increased sales. Computer terminals are new means of communication with Your clients, and the give innovative view of your store.



kiosk-adminIn buildings of public administration:

- Providing easy access to public information

- Presentation of local events and news 

- Registration procedures

- Paying taxes and government fees

- City map

Information kiosks in office buildings provide unlimited information for citizens. Improves contact between the government and society and facilitate the work of administrative staff.




kiosk-letishteAt railway stations, bus stations, airports:


- Advertising of products and services 

- Information about timetables and reservations

- Internet access    

- Airport map (Railway station, bus station)

- Travel information

- Ticket sales

- City map


Kiosks provide accurate information, which travelers seek.






- Providing information about welcoming and accommodating the guests

- Presentation of excursions, attractions and museums

- City map

- General information for tourists

- Check for available rooms 
- Internet access for hotel guests 
- Advertising products and services
- Interactive promotions


Information kiosks increase the relevance of service to customers, successfully presenting the service of the hotel (restournats, spa procedures and so on.) and enchance the image of the hotel.




kiosk-bolnicaHealth facilities:

- Medical information for patients

- Information about the timetable and the offices of doctors
- Map of the building 
- Internet access